Social Media Strategy for Photographers – Very Important to Know

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Many photographers are trying to market their services via social media channels. But this is usually not as easy as you think. There are many things to take into the consideration in order to market your photography job. For a successful social media account, it needs a sophisticated strategy and good content.

In order to generate a lot of fans on the various social media channels and make sales as much as possible, it takes time and a concept that must be tailored to the photographer, his capacities and, above all, the target group.

If you are planning social media strategy for photographers – Following are some steps which are very important to take into the consideration:

Step 1: Create Personas:

First, you should ask yourself who is to be reached with the contributions at all. Is there other hobby or professional photographers with whom you are looking for exchange and cooperation? Are they photo-beginners who can be won for free or paid workshops? Or would you like to address a very special customer group for photo-services, such as wedding parades as a wedding photo, students for job photos or young parents for photos of their babies and children? Usually one already has a certain idea of who this target group should be, but it must be precisely defined in order to be able to work in a structured way.

Step 2: Estimate capacities:

One of the capacities is not only the time available for the care of the profile. Even your own abilities to write good texts, to create graphics and to produce videos play a great role because nothing is simple and the effort to be operated should never be underestimated. Finally, the available budget also plays a role. Although hobby photographers mainly have profiles, they do not advertise advertising. But if you want to reach as many people as you can to promote your services, an advertising budget is quite useful. Also, the creation of design templates and the like can be outsourced to professionals and naturally it also costs money.

Step 3: Find ideas and create drafting plans:

Theoretical work is now the practical implementation of the social media profile. For the smooth work over months, it makes sense to create an editorial plan. This will include any scheduled posts on the relevant release date, as well as the text, photo, video and/or link provided.

Step 4: Produce content:

Anyone who has made it to this point has the best prerequisites to create a successful social media channel for photographers. But here the real work begins. Now it’s time to create the appropriate content to make the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile as interesting as possible. The content of the social media account depends very much on the platform used.