Ratheesh Krishnan


Ratheesh is a Kochi based web design specialist with over 10 years experience in IT industry. He attained his bachelors degree in mathematics 10 years ago. He really didn’t had any intuition about how his career life would be after the graduation.

It was during those times his college mate introduced him to the web design industry. He initially rejected his friend’s offer as he thought IT industry could be ‘too technical’ and a person of his nature won’t fit in there. But due to the immense pressure from his friend’s side, he was forced to take over the design assignments given by his friend. He used to be a painter during his childhood days and it was one of his passions in life.

Web design industry helped him in rediscovering his passion in one way or other. In the early days he used to be a UX designer and restrained from writing the HTML code. Later he extended his career as a UI developer. He have expertise in Photoshop and that was his prominent skill. He do have a passion to learn new technologies and he kept on learning new things. Now he could claim his expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, Coraldraw, Bootstrap and other visual design and wire-framing tools. He have always kept his enthusiasm on the timely up gradation of skills like HTML 5 and developing responsive webdesign.

Responsive design so important now as most of the google searches comes from mobile devices. He suggests everyone to ensure a ‘updated’ developer for their web project. He is open to help anyone depending on his free time and if you need a testimony, his client list in this website will vouch for him.

Now Ratheesh Krishnan who hails from Kochi is one of the leading web design specialist in the Kerala, India. He is now assigned as the Chief web Design Architect at iTruth Solutions, Kochi.