Instagram Marketing Strategy

By Blog

Commonly it is said that until and unless you are a celebrity you will not get too many followers in Instagram! Do you need too many followers or want to develop your own sphere where you will be able to promote your business?

There is no doubt that Instagram has now been one of the best social network and people are following it like anything. Hence, why not harness the power of hash tags and influencer so that your Instagram account turns to be the best place for customer engagement and lead generation.

Here are the strategies that will help you out

Never Forget the Hash tag

Images are not only important to increase your visibility on Instagram, hash tags too plays an important role in driving traffic to your Instagram profile. Through the captions you tell others the story about the image and with hash tags you let others who are outside your sphere to get your image.

When an user look for any particular industry related hash tag your post will show up, if you have not used hash tags then it will be yours competitors opportunity. You must use at least one hash tag per post and if you wish you may use any number of hash tags.

Find Your Influencers

While you are working on your Instagram profile find out who are the influencers. If you can tag yourself with your influencer you will find that the scope will enhance a lot. By trying to do things all by yourself you may be able to reach thousand prospects but when you can tie up your profile with any influence that already has many followers you will find that traffic to your profile has increased a lot! Thus, while you strategize your planning make sure you find out who are your influencers.

Plan to grow followers

Apart from taking help from the influencers you must also plan out so that you keep on growing your followers. Here are few tips to do that

  • Always keep editing your account so that the best images are there. Nobody will love to follow an account that has useless images.
  • Remember to put a caption to every image. Putting in a question in the caption is a great way to increase engagement.
  • While posting images know for whom you are posting, that is who the target audience is?
  • Just do not post your images but be follower to other accounts to. When you get engaged to other images people will find you regular. Your regular interaction will help in increasing traffic to your post.
  • Keep promoting your Instagram profile everywhere, in your website, newsletters, emails and any other place.

Do not ignore the optimal posting frequency

To reach your followers you need to post optimally. Positing too often may be creating nuances and too less may let you’re your competitors take your place. The normal posting rate for average brand is 1.5 times a day. Now, it will depend upon you to decide what should be your posting frequency.