Facebook Video Strategy for Digital Marketing

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Facebook is no more just a social networking site; it has turned to be the household item of any household! Thus, as a marketer why should you miss out this opportunity to get into the home of your prospects for promoting your products?

Moreover, over the past few years it has been found that the rate at which videos are watched at Facebook has increased a lot. Thus, it is not possible for nay marketer to ignore the importance of videos in Facebook.

Here are some Facebook video strategies that will help you get success in your digital marketing

Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook has given an opportunity to go live, and why not grab it. It’s not possible to fake during live interactions. Thus, in order to go success in digital marketing go for live streaming. Moreover when you start live streaming; Facebook will take the pain to inform everybody about you being live! Great, isn’t it!

So, in order to be successful with live streaming you must have more and more followers. You can use this feature just for entertainment purpose or to pass on any information, but remember that at the day end your aim is to reach your audience.

For getting more success you may also let your followers know in advance that you will be live during any particular time!

Some tips for success are

  • The video must run for at least 10 to 15 minutes. The more you run the video, the more will be your interaction with your audience.
  • Keep recapping the key points for those who has joined you late, but remember it must not be boring.
  • The main aim of your live streaming should be share information about your business be that through image text or video.
  • Ensure that your post is valuable before you go live.

Facebook “Native” Videos

Apart from going live you can always post videos on Facebook that can be viewed by your followers.

The videos will auto play within the timeline of the viewer, so they do not have to click on the video to watch it.

Now, what is to be kept in mind is that it should be attention grabbing or else the viewer will scroll away without watching the full video. The message may not be conveyed within the time when the viewer has watched the video.

Use good captions so more and more people take interest in it. Never try to hard sell on Facebook videos. Rather create imposing videos that will tell all.

Never post any external video link on Facebook as Facebook will not allow streaming it.

Cross Promotion

While you are promoting your brand keep on promoting those brands too that compliment your business. a good Facebook video marketing strategy is to contribute to other brand pages and introduce yourself as a tribe.

You will find that gradually your engagement with their brand will increase traffic to your brand. Start building long term relations hips with other brands as you will see that their followers are gradually becoming your followers too.