Facebook Live and Business Opportunities

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Marketing is of immense importance when it comes to the growth and expansion of a business. With the digital media evolving in its technologies every single day, the marketing opportunities have increased many folds for enterprises of all sizes. Either you’re an MNC working in multiple countries, across different continents, or an SME working from the bedroom of a house, you can equally benefit from the opportunities offered by digital marketing.

The Live feature of Facebook holds huge promises for the marketers, when it comes to promoting their products and services. You can podcast live events, answer the questions and quarries of your potential clients, and engage with them on general levels which are very important in strengthening the trust of your clients in your brand. With the live feature of Facebook, you can increase the visibility of your content in the news feed of your followers. This helps you convert general followers into customers and potential customers into the long-term customer base.

Here, we have discussed some of the many ways with which you can use the Facebook Live to promote your business without doing any great efforts;

Live Question/Answer Sessions

Facebook allows you to engage in live chat with your followers. You can talk to them and answer their most intriguing questions and quarries. Followers are required to post questions in the comment section of your live feed, from where you can read and answer them. More questions you answer, more quarries you sort out. Ultimately, more leads you to gain over your business rivals or other brands operating from anywhere in the world.

Play Live Events

People love to be a part of the things happening on social media. With the live feature of Facebook, you can play live events and help people in being a part of it.

  • You can publish the launch of a product or the post the unveiling of a new service on Facebook. This way more and more people will get to know about your products and services and interested people will buy them as well. Resultant, the sales of your company will increase.
  • You can post live feed about employee recognition ceremony or award distribution parties. People viewing your feed will get to know about the working style of your firm. As a result, you will not only increase in the numbers of potential customers but you might end up winning some affluent business partners as well.
  • Post your conferences and conventions so that people will get to know important information about your company and thus their interest in your products will increase.

Take Followers to Tours

Take your general viewers to virtual tours of your workplace. Show them the hard work you put in, to produce products and establish services. This will help you win a lot of leads.

Moreover, you can ask a satisfied client to appear in a testimonial video which will be played live on Facebook. A customer endorsing your products and services will help gain the trust of millions.