Why Facebook Advertising Important? – Key Advantages

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Facebook has about 1.71 billion monthly users. Of this, around 1.13 billion users log on to the largest social network every day. That makes Facebook to google.com the most clicked site on the Internet. It is clear that this enormous reach of the network to an advertising platform as such qualified.

Today, Facebook is a hot product in order to advertise your product, service, or anything. There are many reasons

why Facebook advertising important:

Reason 1: Facebook ads allow target group accuracy:

An enormous advantage of Facebook as an advertising channel is the possibility to switch ads for a precisely defined target group. Going from whoever you want to address with your product, you can select precisely tailored user groups on Facebook.

Of course, you can determine the target group based on demographic information, such as location, age, and gender. However – and this is a crucial advantage of Facebook ads – you can also set certain interests, a relationship status, language skills, training and behavioural information.

Reason 2: Facebook ads:

If a Facebook ad is well-designed, the advertising message fits seamlessly into the newsfeed of the users and does not interfere with its reading flow in the least. If you have carefully filtered your target group for interests, the user will now find your ad between news articles of his favourite blog and the news of his friends.

Through the ability to embed images and videos into your ad, it can become a thumb stopper when you are scrolling through. Because in general: audio and video visual content is more appealing than pure text and rather arouses the attention of the viewer. Your content is, therefore, an attractive part of the users’ newsfeed in your target group.

Reason 3: Facebook ads contain a call to action:

Many advertising channels attract the attention of readers, viewers, but they lack the opportunity to ask the person to act directly. Anyone who sees a billboard for a chocolate bar while he is waiting for the bus will not necessarily go to the next supermarket and buy that bar. However, if you are sitting at the stop in his Facebook Newsfeed, discovering a new online shop with the button “Buy now”, you will be more likely to click on the link and see the products in the store.

Facebook ads include a Call to Action Button, which can be provided with a variety of calls such as “Check In”, “Join Now”, “Watch Now” or “Apply Now”. In this way, you will attract the attention of your target group and can reach actual conversions, such as Page-Likes, the pledge for an event or the registration for your newsletter.

So, the success of a Facebook advertising campaign depends to a large extent on a target group definition that is as exact as possible.