Better Password Practices

By Blog

There may be some instances where you tend to forget your password. This may be annoying on your part but you have to see the real importance of using it. There are better password practices that you should know to keep you guided and have your password anytime you need to use it.

Knowing what better password practices are will provide you several advantages. Here are some of the better password practices:

  • Avoid using PIN or personal identifiable information in your password like birthday, username, Alma matter or name.
  • Never use a word for your full password that is found on the dictionary.
  • Try creating passwords with at least 8 characters.
  • Change the most critical password on regular basis.
  • Make your password with the combination of some non-alphabet characters.
  • Never give your password to somebody especially if it is over the phone.
  • Try using password vault application to manage and protect multiple passwords.
  • Never use same password for online banking, email or social networking sites.
  • Creating different passwords for public and private applications can be problematic at times. But this password practice will set you free from worries of forgetting your password.
  • The strength of your password should always be on the maximum level. Use the indicated better password practices as part of your password management strategy.

Forgetting your password will affect many significant factors in your life. They serve as protection for your personal accounts and information. For more personal aspect, your account contains financial information and it should be carefully protected by a strong password.